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Actors We Obsess About

AWOA - Actors We Obsess About
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To obsess about the many actors we obsess about together.
Welcome to AWOA. Please don't try to pronounce it...it wasn't really meant for that. :-) I know there are many communities out there for this actor or that actor and even a couple like this one where there are many to be loved, but I wanted to start a fresh, new one anyway. As the sign above says, this comm is for Actors that we obsess about. I started it for some of my current favorites which are in the interests section, but this comm is open to anyone you obsess about. Who knows, maybe someone will find a new favorite actor to add to their obsessions! So come in, relax and have a good look around. "At what?" you say...Well, we are new aren't we? We don't have much to look at but feel free to post pics, news, art, icons...almost anything goes.

Couple more notes then I swear I'm done. If you see any pictures posted here that have no credit but you know without a shadow of a doubt this person was not the source, please respond nicely that credit is needed. Do not get all nasty and demanding because that just makes you look bad. Mistakes can be made, credtis can be accidentally left off, stuff happens. Me personally, if I don't really know where a pic came from, I make sure I say that it was a random pic I found on the internet. Then if someone knows who gets the credit, please tell me and I will give it. Don't jump all over somebody just because they left off a credit you know belongs. It's rude. Let's be sure to act like adults (or close to it) here okay?

Also, if anyone knows of an actor that is not on the interests list, but feels they should be there, please suggest it. Everyone is going to have a few different obsessions and I don't want to leave anyone out.

I would like to make one little announcement concerning the actor Alan Cumming. If you don't know who I'm talking about, well you can skip this part. If you do know who he is, keep reading. I have another comm that I started a few months back specifically for him. You are more than welcome to post anything about him here, but you can also head over to alan_anonymous and post there too. It's still a small comm as well and could use a few more posters.

Your friendly neighborhood moderator is casperbleu.

Rules: You don't have to read them to join, but you should read them at some point soon after.

1. No flaming one for ones views, opinions, etc. This is THE big one folks. Don't do it.

2. Pics are not required with every post but they are nice every once in a while.

3. If your pictures are bigger than 500x500 pixels, please us the lj-cut tag.< *lj-cut text="whatever you want to say here"* > Remove the * and spaces. (I stole this rule from bean_daily)

4. I will allow art so if any of you guys out there draw pretty good pictures (or not so good pictures, I'm not picky as I can't draw) then send 'em on. In character or not, doesn't matter. Same rules apply as for the pics though. If they're big, stick 'em behind a cut.

5. Posting your own icons is highly encouraged.

6. I wouldn't exactly call this place "kid friendly", but if any of your pics or art is nws(not work safe) or innapropriate for anyone under the age of 17, please mark it as such and mark it well.



AWOA Pic 1

I am not any of the actors represented here, nor do I know them or how to get in touch with them. Most of them probably have fan clubs or something so you can either ask here or google their names. (I say probably because I haven't done any research on them or anything.) I can almost guarentee that if you send them a message here, they won't get it.